Our Beliefs

We believe in one God, who eternally exists as three persons: the Father, the son, and the Holy Spirit.

We believe that the Bible is God’s only authoritative revealed word.

We believe that all people are sinners and are separated from God.

We believe that God, the Father, reconciles believers to Himself through the sacrifice of His son, Jesus Christ.

We believe that repentance and faith in Christ as Savior and Lord is the only means of salvation.

We believe that, after death, we will live with our lord Jesus Christ throughout eternity.

We believe that all Christians will stand before the Judgment Seat of Christ.

We believe that our lives should reflect faithfulness to God, love toward our fellowmen, and steadfastness to the church.

We believe that we are called to bring others to Jesus Christ.

We believe in the bodily return of our Lord Jesus Christ to judge the living and the dead.

We believe in the “Apostles’ Creed”, which embodies the essential truths of the Christian faith.

  November 2022  
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